Adhesives, Grouts and Levelling Compound

Adhesives, Grouts and Levelling Compound

A superior range of Levelling Compounds, Adhesives and Grouts designed for use with Underfloor Heating. Guaranteed compatible with our under tile heating systems and insulation boards. Only available when purchasing underfloor heating.

  • Ultra Level IT 1 Self Levelling Compound

    Ultra Level IT 1

    Level IT one HDB is a single part cementitious floor leveller, containing a blend of specially graded fillers, fine cements and polymers for smoothing and levelling internal floors with irregular substrates.  Open time 20-30 minutes, Set time 3 hours.

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    From: £34.79

  • Ultra Level IT 2 Self Levelling Compound

    Ultra Level IT 2

    Level IT TWO is a general purpose, mid strength two-part smoothing underlayment. Its exceptional flow characteristics make it a very easy smoothing underlayment to apply to a variety of subfloors in both commercial and domestic flooring projects.

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    From: £44.39

  • Rapid set flexible tile adhesive

    Rapid set flexible

    Fastset flexible adhesive ProRapid RS. Covers 5m2 when installing insulation boards. Covers 2.5m2 per bag over underfloor heating.

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    From: £23.99