The new AUBE TH232 series thermostats made by Honeywell are well recognised within the Electric Underfloor Heating industry as the benchmark for all others to aspire to. The TH232 supercedes the TH132-F and 132-AF models and can be used as a replacement unit. 3 Years Manufacturers Guarantee.


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Product Description

Simply the best ! The AUBE thermostats are well recognised within the Electric Underfloor Heating industry as the best.

Your choice of programmable Thermostat is supplied with your heating kit. TH232 can be set to measure floor or air temperatures or both.

Our default option is the class leading AUBE TH232 unit and is supplied with your heating kit complete with 3m floor temperature probe.

3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

Brand new Thernostat choice from AUBE - replaces the trusty TH132- F and 132-AF thermostats . Now with backlight (blue) screen

Versatile unit as covers all operating functions + retains early start function and adaptive heating cycles.

The AUBE TH232 F/AF/A thermostat allows you to control the system in a variety of ways:

  • Floor sensor only. Ideal when you only want to control the floor surface temperature. (Bathrooms and areas with additional heating for example)
  • Air and Floor. The thermostat controls the air temperature whilst using the floor sensor to prevent overheating of the floor system.
  • Air only. Not generaly used in this mode with underfloor heating but can be run in this mode in event of floor probe failure or is you have a system with no sensor installed.


  • Load: 16amps 3600w - 230v - 50Hz resitive.
  • Operating modes: Manual - Automatic with manual advance - standby.
  • Programming: 2 x on / 2 x off settings per day, 7 day, auto early start function.
  • Set back facility: User can select two level temperature function.
  • Memory: Protected memory with capacitor back-up, no battery required.
  • Dimensions: 79mm x 83mm x 20mm mounted on to recessed box.
  • Mounting: Flush mounted 35mm deep galvanised box (single socket).
  • Backlit (blue) screen.