Bulk Supplies

Ambient can now supply an extended range of our great value floor heating mats and cables in bulk cartons.

We have always supplied a limited range of Thermopads heating mats to selected UK suppliers but with our increased stock capacity can now offer a more complete range from our UK warehouse.

100w/m² Under Tile Heating Mats 100w to 1200w, multiples of eight.

150w/m² Under Tile Heating Mats 150w to 1800w, multiples of eight.

200w/m² Under Tile Heating Mats 200w to 2400w, multiples of eight.

150w/m² Sticky Mats, multiples of eight.

200w/m² Sticky Mats, multiples of eight.

140w/m² Thermolam Foil Heaters for Laminate Floors 140w to 1680w, multiples of eight.

Loose wire 10w/Lm, 115w to 1800w in multiples of ten.