Damage Sensor

Undertile Attach monitor to your heating cable or mat for continuous monitoring during installation and floor tiling. Will alert you or your tiler to any potential cable fault or damage during tiling.


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Product Description

A must for any installer - This Floor Damage Sensor will give an alarm and warn you in the event that the floor heating cable or mats are damaged.

Simply connect the heating mat cables to the back of the Floor Damage Sensor and if the heating cable is damaged during installation or by tiler the unit gives a high pitch alarm.

  • Saves costly repairs and floor removal.
  • Can be used repeatedly.


Element / Continuity Tester:

The following instructions are very important before commencing installation.

  • Clip the Brown or Red wire of the element cold tail to L1 (red lead)
  • Clip the Blue or Black wire of the element cold tail to L2 (Black lead)
  • Clip both green wires of the element cold tail to the Green lead of the tester.
  • Switch the tester on.
  • A Red Light then shows that the tester is on and working.
  • If you have a fault the tester will start âBeeping❠If there is no âBeep❠you can continue with the installation
  • Is the beep sounds at any time, before or during installation STOP IMMEDIATELY as this means that damage has occurred to the element and you will need to contact an electrician for repair.
  • Once you have finished the installation and before you start tiling reconnect the tester as above & turn on.
  • Keep the tester on until your tiling is complete.
  • If the tester light turns off you will need to replace the batteries.
The correct setup of the Floor Damage Sensor

Alarm Instructions

âX❠indicates alarm .

Leads Short Circuit Open Circuit
L1, L2 N/A X
E, L1 X N/A
E, L2 X N/A
E & L1 + L2 X N/A

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