Electric Underfloor Heating Solutions for Laminate Floors

It seems the days of the carpet or rug might be numbered, as laminate floors (which have the look of hardwood, are easier to maintain and are scratch resistant) increase in popularity. However, with the winter edging ever closer, Ambient Electrical, the leading provider of underfloor heating and floor heating solutions, has this advice to keep the bitter cold out and to keep your new floor warm…

The firm supplies two state-of-the-art under floor heating systems for laminate floors, both of which are ideal for use beneath laminate or engineered wood floors and require an insulation material such as Depron. The first is the range of Foil Mat Systems (or ThermoLAM), which incorporate a narrow diameter heating cable embedded within a laminated foil mat, and is often the preferred choice in contrast to its alternative. This mat, which provides earth screening and so can be used within bathrooms and other wet areas, can also be cut and folded to suit a given floor area.

Alternatively, Ambient Electrical also offers the Carbon Film Heating System, which is used in conjunction with an insulating material directly beneath the heating film. This option is perfect for regular-shaped areas and conservatories. However, this system lacks earth screening, making it unsuitable for bathroom areas. All systems are made to measure so dimensioned floor plans will be required for all but the most straightforward areas.