How Easy Is It To Install Electric Underfloor Heating?

Increasingly more popular year by year, people are opting to buy electric underfloor heating to warm their homes. All over the UK, particularly in existing properties, electric underfloor heating is installed easily without requiring any serious construction work.

It may initially seem daunting to consider installing an electric underfloor heating system into your property, however installation is surprisingly simple. Underfloor heating distributes heat evenly which makes it perfect for home extensions as well as kitchen, conservatory and bathroom refurbishment projects. It is also a great space-saver removing the need for traditional wall-hung radiators. We recommend professional advice should you feel unsure about installing electric underfloor heating; If in doubt it is always best to speak with the experts who know exactly what they are doing!

An electric underfloor heating installation project uses a series of cables or underfloor heating mats that run beneath your flooring surface. We recommend using floor heating insulation beneath the heating elements in order to reflect the most heat efficiently upwards while it is being produced.

A loose wire installation gives you the freedom to tailor the system to fit your room perfectly, especially for unusually shaped spaces. The more usual method is to use the pre-wired heating mats. For examples, please view our selection of Ambient Electric Heating supplies. For an existing property, an underfloor heating specialist will charge on average around £200 per day with individual rooms being completed in around a day. The typical overall cost of installing a good quality system with insulation board beneath in an average conservatory would be around £700. A whole house renovation project with under tile mats would typically require 4-6 day’s work at a budget cost of £2500-£4000. We are here to advise with any electric underfloor heating project, so please call one of our experts for a free, friendly consultation.