It's Easy To Fit Electric Underfloor Heating With Ambient Electrical

Electric under floor heating has been a popular way of warming a room since the Roman times. Many cultures still use under floor systems to heat their houses and it is becoming a more and more popular method for providing heating to UK homes. However, many people are put off by the perceived complications in installing such a system and now, Ambient Electrical, the leading providers of under floor heating, offer cable kits which make the installation of effective under floor heating straightforward.

Electric under floor heating is particularly popular in rooms where there is a tile floor. Tiles can often be cold underfoot and so many people have benefited from installing an under floor heating system to warm up tiles on bathroom or kitchen floors. Problems can occur though when attempting to install a fixed width cable mat in a compact or unusually shaped room. When looking to heat a tile floor, cable kits are the most popular and effective method for heating a small or unusually shaped floor space.

David Goose from Ambient Electrical, the leading providers of electric under floor heating, said, “Cable kits are an ideal solution for any under tile heating requirement. Under tile heating cables are three millimetres in diameter and use the latest fluoropolymer insulation technology. Importantly, all of our cable kits are also twin wire and earth screened which makes them suitable for bathroom applications.”

Ambient Electrical’s under tile cable kits include high quality twin wire earth screened cables, conduit housing, high tac adhesive strapping tapes and floor primer and roller. The kits also include programmable digital thermostat with floor probe temperature sensor.

Mr Goose from the firm who specialise in electric under floor heating, added, “A floor probe temperature sensor is a vital inclusion in our under floor cable kits as it allows users to keep a close control over the temperature of their floor. The temperature can be easily adjusted and we find that many of our customers like a floor temperature between around 23 and 27°C.”

The electric underfloor heating cable kits also come with a ten year warranty certificate and full installation instructions which provide a simple step by step guide to installing the system. Whilst many of the systems can be installed by following the instructions, the final electrical connection should be always made by a qualified electrician.