New 20Amp Thermostat Removes Need For Switch Contactor

The underfloor heating specialists at Ambient Electrical are launching a brand new 20amp rated thermostat, enabling the direct switching of heating systems up to 44m² from a single controller.

Known as the TR3100/20, the brand new thermostat from Ambient Electrical has been developed specifically for the larger underfloor heating systems and removes the need for a switch contactor.

David Goose from Ambient Electrical, the leading providers of electric under floor heating, said: “We are eagerly anticipating the launch of our brand new thermostat later this week. A major benefit of the TR3100/20 thermostat to the customer is the reduced installation costs and the ability to control large heating areas from a single controller.

The same physical size as the standard thermostat units from Ambient Electrical, the all new thermostat can be mounted onto a 45mm deep single wall box and is available in both white and silver matt finishes.

Boasting four event daily programming, selectable temperature functions (Floor/Air and Floor/Air) and a selectable back lit display in blue, the newest product to hit the shelves at Ambient Electrical is set to take the industry by storm.

David added: “The unit is also supplied with a three metre floor temperature sensor, optional remote control and a two year warranty to give the customer that extra piece of mind.”

“Our brand new thermostat means that the maximum heating systems now possible from a 20amp direct supply are, 100w/m² under tile mat systems up to 45.0m², 150w/m² under tile mat systems up to 30.0m², 200w/m² under tile mat systems up to 23.0m², loose cable systems up to 4650w (28.0m² - 36.0m²) and wood / laminate foil mats up to 32.0m².”

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