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insulation material, designed and manufactured by DOW specifically for use beneath under tile mat heating systems when going down on a solid concrete or screeded base. Each 1200mm x 600mm board covers 0.72m2


XPS is the name given to our own brand styrofoam insulation material designed and manufactured by Dow and supplied specifically for use beneath our under tile mat heating systems.

Use heating mats mesh side down.

XPS is an insulation board designed specificaly for use with electric underfloor mat heating systems, very high compressive strength (30tonnes / m²), light weight, high efficiency and low cost make this thermal board an ideal choice when fitting heating on to a poorly insulated concrete or screed base.

XPS bonded in place using a rapid set flexible tile adhesive and should only be used on to a solid concrete, screed or tile subfloor. Use Marmox if a timber subfloor.

Please note there is a minimum order quantity against this product due to packaging constraints.

Not recomended for use with TP or TPP lose cable systems.

* Price per board

A flat rate delivery charge of £9.95 will be applied to XPS orders if bought without a heating kit.

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