Warmup DCM-PRO Peel & Stick V3 Mat

Warmup DCM-PRO Peel & Stick V3 Mat


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Product Description

The Warmup DCM-PRO Peel & Stick V3 Mat is a cutting-edge option for safeguarding tiled flooring that is also quick and simple to install. By absorbing lateral subfloor motions, this ground-breaking decoupling membrane efficiently protects the tiled floor finish from any cracks.

The Warmup DCM-PRO's self-adhesive underside, which does not require an additional adhesive layer during installation, is one of its unique advantages. This membrane is easy to apply and sticks right to the subfloor, saving time and effort. The installation process becomes substantially quicker and easier when there is no need for an adhesive layer.

The Warmup DCM-PRO Peel & Stick V3 Mat is adaptable in its use. It can be tiled right on top of the membrane to create a stable and long-lasting surface. The membrane can also be covered with a layer of self-leveling compound when used with other floor finishes that are approved for use with underfloor heating. This adaptability enables a variety of design options and guarantees the best performance with varied floor finishes.

Experience the advantages of Warmup DCM-PRO, including its time-saving peel-and-stick installation process and unique decoupling technology for floor protection. This cutting-edge membrane offers outstanding efficiency and peace of mind for underfloor heating installations, whether you're a homeowner or a skilled installer. Take advantage of the comfort, dependability, and toughness that Warmup DCM-PRO gives to your

The membrane's dimensions are carefully suited for simple sizing. The membrane's 2m2 sections are exactly sized to hold 2m2 of heating cable, providing the best possible coverage and power distribution. Additional flexibility