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Carpet & Vinyl Underfloor Heating

Carpet/Vinyl Underfloor Heating systems provide a highly efficient and effective solution for warming your home or venue discreetly through your carpet or vinyl flooring. Powered by a concealed foil heating mat, this system ensures warmth without compromising the aesthetics of your carpet or vinyl. The foil heating mat remains hidden beneath the surface, offering a safe method of heat transfer that does not damage your flooring. Ideal for bedrooms and living areas where you and your family spend significant time, these systems not only enhance comfort but also contribute to improved hygiene by eliminating the need for traditional radiators that can circulate dust and dirt in the air. Elevate your living spaces with the seamless warmth of Carpet/Vinyl Underfloor Heating.
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    From £53.99
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    Introducing the Wood Underfloor Heating Mat, the ideal solution for achieving comfortable and efficient heating for your wooden floors. This innova...

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    From £53.99
    From £53.99
    Now £53.99
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