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Warmup DCM-PRO Cable

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In stock, ready to be shipped
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In stock, ready to be shipped
Warmup DCM-PRO Cable
From £78.99
Now £78.99

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PLEASE NOTE: Must be used with Warmup DCM-PRO Mat. Not included with the DCM cable.

The Warmup DCM-PRO Cable utilizes unique decoupling technology to provide excellent protection for tiled floors. This customizable underfloor heating (UFH) solution offers two membrane options to choose from: Peel-and-Stick or Fleece-Backed, as well as a range of heating cables for standard and low-wattage projects. Experience the benefits of easy installation, flexible heat output, and floor protection with the DCM-PRO Cable.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Installation: Fits into the Peel-and-Stick DCM membrane features a self-adhesive underside, eliminating the need for an adhesive layer and significantly reducing installation time. The Fleece-Backed membrane is ideal for use with traditional adhesives.
  • Flexible Heat Output: Choose from two heating cables to specify the system for standard wattage projects ranging from 112.5 W/m² to 225 W/m² and low wattage projects ranging from 41.3 W/m² to 82.5 W/m². This flexibility allows you to tailor the heat output to suit your project's requirements.
  • Protects Floors: The innovative decoupling membrane absorbs lateral subfloor movements, preventing these stresses from reaching the tiled floor finish and causing cracks.

Innovative System that Protects Your Floor

The DCM-PRO Heated Decoupling System is a technologically advanced electric underfloor heating system from Warmup. It has been proven to protect tiled floors from cracking, as tested by ANSI 118.12:5.4 (American National Standards Institute).

Decoupling Membrane

The DCM-PRO's decoupling membrane is available with either a self-adhesive or fleece backing, providing adaptability and hassle-free installation.

Anti-Fracture Protection

The DCM-PRO system suits all floor types but is specifically developed to protect stone and tiled floor finishes from damage caused by seasonal temperature changes that affect the sub-floor. The anti-fracture membrane of DCM-PRO is particularly beneficial for tiles prone to cracking, making it an ideal choice for floor tiles.

How Does the Decoupling System Work?

  • The decoupling layer of the DCM-PRO membrane contracts and expands to handle lateral movements in subfloors.
  • The self-adhesive layer or fleece backing stretches with expansion.
  • The decoupling layer contracts if the gap shrinks due to seasonal changes.
  • The system protects the floor surface from damage caused by lateral subfloor movement.

Two Heating Cable Options – Standard and Low Wattage

The DCM-PRO System offers a flexible heat output through the choice of two heating cables, allowing for a personalized heated area layout.

  • 112.5 W/m² to 225 W/m² Output for Standard Wattage Projects: The DCM-PRO with the Blue Cable provides an output of between 112.5 W/m² and 225 W/m², suitable for standard wattage projects based on your project's requirements.
  • 41.3 W/m² to 82.5 W/m² Output for Homes with Low Load Supplies: The DCM-PRO Low Wattage System features a flexible output of 41.3 W/m² to 82.5 W/m², making it ideal for homes with low load supplies and minimal heat loss. This system enables solar arrays with battery storage to supply a higher percentage of the load, contributing to a more sustainable, zero-carbon heating solution.

Rapid Installation

The updated castellation design of the DCM-PRO offers quick and hassle-free installation for Warmup Underfloor Heating. The dimensions of the membrane are designed for convenient sizing, ensuring that 2m² of heating cable fits precisely on 2m² of the membrane. The cable spacing can be adjusted to increase or decrease coverage and power. No tools are required for installation; simply position the heating cable by hand within the castellations of the membrane.

The DCM-PRO can be tiled directly onto or covered with a layer of self-leveling compound when used with other floor finishes certified for underfloor heating. This system comes with Warmup's market-leading warranty, guaranteeing exceptional performance and reliability.

Operating Voltage 220-240v - 50Hz
IP Rating IPX7
Colour Blue
Thickness 4.5mm (± 0.2mm)
Output Rating 150w/m2 (3 Castellations - 90mm)
Inner Insulation Advanced Fluoropolymer (ETFE)
Min. Insulation Temp 5°C
Connection 3m Long Coldtail Connection
Approvals BEAB

DCM-Pro cable power and load reference

Product Code Heated area (m2) Power (W) Load (A) Resistance (Ω) DCM-Pro Cable Reference Resistance Bands (Ω)
DCM-C-1 1 150 0.6 352.7 335.0 - 370.3
DCM-C-1.5 1.5 225 0.9 235.1 223.3 - 246.9
DCM-C-2 2 300 1.3 176.3 167.5 - 185.1
DCM-C-2.5 2.5 375 1.6 141.1 134.1 - 148.2
DCM-C-3 3 450 1.9 117.6 111.7 - 123.5
DCM-C-3.5 3.5 525 2.2 100.8 95.8 - 105.8
DCM-C-4 4 600 2.5 88.2 83.8 - 92.6
DCM-C-4.5 4.5 675 2.8 78.4 74.5 - 82.3
DCM-C-5 5 750 3.2 70.5 67.0 - 74.0
DCM-C-6 6 900 3.8 58.8 55.9 - 61.7
DCM-C-7 7 1050 4.4 50.4 48.0 - 52.9
DCM-C-8 8 1200 5.0 44.1 42.0 - 46.3
DCM-C-9 9 1350 5.7 39.2 37.2 - 41.2
DCM-C-10 10 1500 6.3 35.3 33.5 - 37.1
DCM-C-12 12 1800 7.6 29.4 27.9 - 30.9
DCM-C-14 14 2100 8.8 25.2 23.9 - 26.5
DCM-C-16 16 2400 10.1 22.0 20.9 - 23.1

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